BitGold for Payments – The Safest Way to Pay in Gold

bitgold credit cardOne of the key selling points of buying gold from BitGold is that it is promoted as being the safest way to pay in gold. You might be wondering how and why they can make that claim and it could be that an honest BitGold review might be the only way to satisfy your curiosity. Actually, it only takes a quick look around the website to see exactly what they mean when they tell you it is the safest way to pay in gold. Here are just 6 reasons why you can feel safe with BitGold for payments.

  1. Value Authenticated

When you use gold as the standard for currency, it needs to be authenticated at 99.95% pure in order to live up to the International Gold Standard for valuation. Buying gold from BitGold ensures that your gold will have its value authenticated so that there is never any question as to what your equity is in your investment.

  1. Stored for You at a Brinks Vault

Paying in gold is not without its perils. If you need to physically carry gold from one location to the next, you are always subject to loss or theft. With your gold held for you at a Brinks vault that is totally safe, you need never worry that your gold can be stolen before you actually get to use it for payments. Not only is your gold stored safely for you at a Brinks vault but it is fully insured as well. Neither of these services offered by will cost you a penny over the price you paid for your gold. They are part of the package deal and a great part of what keeps your gold safe for you to pay with.

  1. 24/7 Access with a Prepaid GoldMoney MasterCard

Paying with currency can be a tricky matter, especially when you are paying a large sum of money. When paying in gold with a GoldMoney BitGold Prepaid MasterCard you never need to worry about carrying cash around with you and you have safe and convenient access to your gold twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can move as much or as little from your vaulted gold to your Prepaid MasterCard and the only amount you will ever be charged is a 1% spot price. There is no monthly fee that would affect the amount of cash value you have in your gold.

  1. Gold Will Always Have Value

Speaking of cash value, when you are paying in gold you will always have value. In fact, you might even have more value because as the dollar declines, the value of gold rises proportionately. It could just be that when you bought your gold bullion from BitGold you paid less for each gram than it is worth now. All key market indicators predict that the value of gold will rise in 2016 because the United States dollar will decline in value due to economic conditions.

  1. Several Payment Options

However, you should also be advised of the fact that the GoldMoney card is not your only option for paying in gold. You can also transfer money from your account to another BitGold customer to another with absolutely no transfer fees. Not only is BitGold the safest way to pay in gold but the cheapest as well!

  1. Best of All – RSA 4096 and AES 256 Military Grade Encryption

When you are talking safe, what could be safer than transactions that are digitally protected with military grade encryption? If you are going to log into your account to send money to your bank, to another customer, for an automated payment or to your prepaid card, it is nice to know that BitGold uses military grade encryption for ultimate protection against hackers. Looking for the safest way to make electronic payments? BitGold provides just that by using RSA 4096 and AES 256 encryption.

All of these benefits are among the most popular reasons why investors from all over the globe are buying gold through this innovative platform.  You can read an honest BitGold review to see just what investors are saying about BitGold for payments and why it is the safest way to pay in gold. Once you see what others are saying and try it for yourself, you will agree that paying in BitGold is safe, easy and cost effective since there are no monthly fees. When it comes to safety, BitGold has your back.

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