How to Buy Gold Bars Online?

How to Buy Gold Bars OnlineWhen it comes to making an investment in gold, there are a number of ways in which you can buy virtually any amount you would like to own. Many of today’s consumers spend so much time online and make most of their major purchases there, that it only stands to reason that they may be looking at how to buy gold bars online. Why not check out an honest BitGold review on this site or on to see just how easy it is to buy as much or as little gold as you’d like. However, before buying gold bars, there are a few things you need to know.

The Size of the Gold Bar

Gold bars can be purchased in a number of different sizes. Oddly, you can find them sized as small as a single gram or they can be purchased in one ounce sizes or a kilo or even in a bar that weighs 400 ounces. The choice of size is yours, dependent of course on your budget. Also you will want to take your overall investment strategy into account before electing one size over the next. suggests that you think about whether or not you intend to hold onto your gold or whether you intend to redeem it as needed. This type of investment strategy is more or less a secure savings account so you would want to keep the size small enough to be easily redeemable.

Hallmark Recognition

Next, before deciding how to buy gold bars online you would want to look at hallmark recognition. If you are going to buy a heavier weight, it is suggested that you buy gold bars from trusted mints. Brand hallmark recognition is important when selling large quantities because the brand recognition ensures your buyers that these are trusted gold bars that contain the purity level they are supposed to contain with few (or no!) impurities.

Liquidity of Gold Bars

Also, while the hallmark is important, so too is size management when it comes to liquidity. If you feel that you will need to liquefy a part of your gold portfolio from time to time, keep your gold bars small. That is to say, buy 1 gram to 10 gram bars so that you don’t need to liquefy your entire investment all at one time to take advantage of the equity in your gold.

Where Will Your Gold Bars Be Stored?

Another key point is in knowing where you will be storing your gold bars when you buy online. Are you going to have them shipped to your home or office? Will you be storing them through the company you buy the gold from? This is a critical factor because not all gold bought online will be stored as safely as it should be. You can trust a company like because all gold bars purchased online will be stored in a Brinks vault, even though the amount you purchase will be immediately transferred to you upon completion of the transaction. Brinks is a well-known and respected name in security so you can rest assured that your investment will be fully insured and totally secure.

How to Pay for Gold You Are Buying Online

Next you need to know that the dealer you are buying gold from is legitimate. Only deal with trusted sources like that take several forms of online payments. Look to buy gold bars with your debit or credit card. Does the seller take wire transfers? also takes INTERAC and China Union Pay so you have a number of payment options when buying gold online from a reputable company. Unless the gold is being sold by an authentic and verifiable dealer in gold bars, you shouldn’t send money of any kind.

It all boils down to how much gold you want to buy, your investment strategy and how you want to pay for your purchases. looks at how to buy gold bars online from the investor’s perspective and also offers more than one real, honest BitGold review that talks about just how easy the buying process is. Their savings strategy enables literally everyone to invest in gold because you can buy as much or as little as you wish to buy and can afford. Read a BitGold review to see just how easy it is to trust BitGold and buy online now and in the future.

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