Can Anyone Invest in Gold?

invest in goldAnyone who is considering investing in gold, or any other investment platform for that matter, might want to know who can and who can’t invest. Although technically anyone of an age to operate a computer could probably invest in gold, there are most likely certain restrictions that could prohibit certain individual from investing. When reading an honest BitGold review you might be led to believe that anyone can invest in this platform, however, you may want to consider a few exclusions if you fall within those demographics.

Age of the Investor

While anyone can go online and invest in gold, some young people may not be eligible because of age. It could be that the broker selling the gold is unwilling to sell to minor children and it could be that local or national laws prohibit minors to invest in gold. In some countries any assets belong to parents of minor children and in others children of any age are pretty much allowed the freedom to do and own whatever they want. On a global level there are so many ways in which children are raised and laws governing those children that it would be wise to check with your local regulatory body prior to allowing a minor child to make any kind of investment whatsoever.

Investment Regulations in the Country in Which You Live

Then there are countries that disallow investing within the entire or portions of the population. Some extremist religions forbid women to invest in gold and so the national laws governing the population reflect this mindset. While children may also be forbidden to invest in gold, it would more likely be imposed on female children than male children. Even so, some countries forbid commerce between their people and specific nations so the population within their borders would be forbidden to deal with a seller of gold simply because of broken relations.

Availability of Funds

According to and more than one honest BitGold review, anyone who has money to invest in a small amount of gold is welcome to invest. While BitGold itself may not impose any regulations as to whom may invest, it is wise to consider whether or not you have the funds to invest. Anybody can invest in a platform like BitGold simply because they make it easy to do so. There is no minimum investment required so anyone who has enough money to purchase gold bullion can do so.

A Matter of Ethics

In recent years many unscrupulous businesses have been set up to exploit those who are not capable of making decisions for themselves. The elderly and mentally challenged have often been targeted which is why legislation is continually undergoing changes to protect those who are incapacitated in some way. Whilst a company like BitGold is set up in such a way as to acquire information that wouldn’t be available if someone were incapable of answering questions, there are other firms out there that have no scruples when preying on those unable to make rational decisions.

Can anyone invest in gold on The only realistic answer then is yes, anyone can invest if they have the mental capacity to do so, are legally of age within the laws of their country of residence and have the funds available to purchase even a small amount of gold that can be bought on BitGold. In fact, BitGold was set up to make gold investments available to anyone who would otherwise be prohibited because of the cost involved. An honest BitGold review would be the most effective way of showing just how ethical BitGold is in its mission statement that ensures an open door to anyone who wants to invest even in small amounts of gold bullion. Anyone can invest in gold on BitGold.

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